Vermont Snowmbile Club Glover Trailwinders The Glover Trailwinders
Trail #
Condition Rating
Grooming Schedule
122 W. Glover to Irasburg
open Good Friday 1/18
122 W. Glover to Sheffield
open Good Sunday 1/20
16 W. Glover to Barton
open Good Friday 1/18
16 W. Glover to E. Craftsbury
open Good Saturday 1/19
open Good Saturday 1/19
Lone Tree Hill Lookout
Glover Village Access
open Fair Sunday 1/20
Barton Village Access
open Good Monday 1/14
1/20/ 2019 Trails are now open for the season, lots of new snow, 10 inches or more.  Trails that were groomed this  past week, you will have to break through, as you won’t think that have ever been groomed.  Lots of wind, and drifting, 122 is being done now to Sheffield, all of our other trails will need to be broke through, we will groom Barton and Irasburg tomorrow night. Please note trail is closed going into Irasburg village.  We are grooming, tonight,Sunday , 1/20 to 122 Sheffield.  Minus degrees tonight and tomorrow morning, blowing snow.    I believe that the VAST app on your phone, should track where and when we have groomed.  Respect the landowner’s property that we have the privilege to ride on.  Safe travels.  Join us for our 34th annual poker ride Saturday February 9th.