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rTrail #
Condition Rating
Grooming Schedule
122 W. Glover to Irasburg
 groomed open Saturday


122 W. Glover to Sheffield
groomed open Saturday


16 W. Glover to Barton
groomed  open Sunday
16 W. Glover to E. Craftsbury
groomed open Sunday


groomed open Friday


Lone Tree Hill Lookout
Glover Village Access
groomed  open Thursday
Barton Village Access
 groomed  open Sunday


  As of March 20, 2017 all trails are open . I have listed which trails we groomed past few days.  The spring sunshine hits hill tops, etc, so bare ground scattered on trails.  Road 122 south yesterday, trail was great, 16 south was done last night. Trails will be done according to temps.  Avoid as much road crossings as possible as there is no snow cover on roads.   Suppose to be cold until end of week, so should be able to get another week of riding.  We will continue to do so as long as the snow and cold temps last.  I am sure it will be a challenge if you get off the trails. Enjoy the March winter!